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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winds Of Change ...

Sometimes patience is good. Sometimes recognizing small blessings, small miracles, the wonderful little good things in life can make all the difference.

I am having an amazing  week.

It's the little things. Last Thursday my work called and told me I would have no hours this week, I was actually okay with that because I start nursing school next week and it would give me some decompression time, but then low and behold on Sunday I was rescheduled for a forty hour week, which is also awesome because this is my last chance to work a forty hour week until the end of the semester.

Did I mention, I love my job?

I started going through my reading assignments for my nursing classes (the ones that have to be done before class starts), and it's all review information, it just feels like I'm in the right field, I'm doing the right thing, this nursing school thing is going to be okay.

I won a minor victory with my ex over a schedule conflict with my oldest daughter, which was a victory for her not me.

I was pulled over because my license plate tags were expired and the officer let me off with a no proof of insurance ticket, that can be easily taken care of. He said it was
because I was nice and I was on my way to work in a hospital, "you do good work, there aren't enough people that do good work these days."

This morning I found out that my oldest daughter made it to the second phase of the audition process for art school. This, my friends and readers, is amazing. She went out for it last year and she was heartbroken, but persistence is an awesome thing. She had to do an audition where she had to draw two pieces in a room full of other prospective students, from that she received this call back. She goes to present her portfolio and do an interview on Saturday morning, but her collection of work to choose from for her portfolio presentation is amazing. They are looking for enthusiasm and determination in the interview and she has plenty of both, which is represented by her coming back after not making it in last year. I have been very quiet about this because last year I was so sure she would get in and I was vocal about it in my blog and on social networks, and then she was devastated. So, this is my only "public" mention of it until we know for sure. She struggles in a normal school, she has a quirky, creative, artsy personality that will just thrive in the creative environment of a junior/senior high school that concentrates on the creative aspects of the brain. I am pulling for her all the way.

The lovely Lemon Man told me he made amazing reservations for Valentine's Day.

I received my acceptance packet from my old university to complete my bachelors degree at the same time that I'm getting my associates degree in nursing. 

This was all in the last seventy-two hours ....

My mom just sent me to buy lotto tickets ...