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Friday, January 11, 2013

Um, So You Didn't Tell Me They Had Drugs ...

Back when we went to Lake McConaughy (you know our amazing vacation from hell), there was another story that happened that I feel the need to put in writing.

The entire time we were at the lake the Lemon Man's sister (who is fourteen if you don't remember) was frantic about the cowboy boots she left at the Lemon Man's house before we left. Another friend that was coming later was supposed to bring them, but forgot them as well, so she never got her cowboy boots. I didn't really understand why she would need boots on a beach, or why she was so upset, but a few months later I found out why.

Several weeks after we came back I found out from the Lemon Man's cousin that both he and the Lemon Man's aunt knew that the sister and her fifteen year old friend had marijuana ... and it was hidden in the cowboy boots.

The cousin and the aunt are regular marijuana users, everyone knows this, apparently
everyone accepts it and lets it happen on their property and they had apparently lit up with the sister and her friend the day before we left for Nebraska. They knew they had it.

So, as the lemon man and I are getting ready to leave and cross state lines with six minors to be responsible for, nobody bothered to tell us that the oldest two of those minors had illegal drugs with them. I was irate. For the cousin not to say anything, well, he's seventeen, so maybe his judgment isn't so good, but for the fifty-something year old aunt to not tell us ... that crossed a line with me.

I have never had the conversation with her, but I lost a lot of respect for her as a responsible adult that day. I mean if she wants to do drugs herself, that's fine, but the fact that she lit up with three minors, and knew that the younger two of those minors were about to cross state lines with other family members as their guardians makes me sick.

She was going to let that crap be around MY children, and the children of the other people that were going to meet us there as well.

Needless to say I'm glad his sister forgot her damn cowboy boots ...